February 3, 2009

is it an oxymoron...

to refer to someone else's website in your blog? Technically, it's a news article, but it references someone else's web page. Though technically, doesn't every web page reference another one? I'm fairly new to the blog thing and as I sit here I think I get more and more unprofessional. Exhibit A: my cat is sitting on my typing right hand.... while I'm typing. Will her purring disrupt my hard drive?

Here is one of the funniest articles ever: http://niemann.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/02/02/i-lego-ny/

In a class I've been taking, we've been discussing the definition and the meaning of the word 'art' in addition to a bunch of other words, but 'art' is the one I want to bring up here. In this article, he takes everyday objects, Legos, and turns them into art. What is most interesting is that he makes the pieces out of Legos and then his commentary (and clever references) through the photography makes it clever art. The question then is: Is the photo art or is it the Legos? What about the commentary? Or is it neither?

Mostly, this is just hilarious. Enjoy!!